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Cost of buying a property in Croatia

Stated prices are with VAT included, which is in Croatia 25%.

  • taxes on property: 3%: Tax on real estate is joint revenue of state budget and the city in which the Real Estate is located. Foreign natural and legal person pay real estate tax in the same way as domestic natural and legal person. Base of real estate tax is the value of property at the time of its acquisition, taking into account the condition and characteristics of the property, such as: location, construction quality, urbanize part of the city, etc. Department of tax administration checks the value of real estate declared in the document of acquisition, and if they find that value is not really presented and in compliance with market, tax base is determined by appraisal.
  • legal jobs of attorney: 1% +VAT. Price list of legal attorney jobs range from 1.5 to 2 % of the sales price of the property. Tanks to our intercession and volume of work we offer you a suitable price of 1% for legal services of buying and selling a property.
  • costs of a notary, contract translation and tax stamps: fixed amount to 200€.
  • costs of currency exchange, foreign to Croatian currency: National currency in Croatia is Kuna. All the legal transactions, payments and money transfers should be made in Kuna, according to the middle rate of HNB (Croatian National Bank). From which comes the cost of money exchange around 0.25 % from transaction..
  • agency fees: 3% + VAT:  One half of agency fees is paid at signing the preliminary sales contract, and the remaining half at signing of the final sales contract. In case of property value is less than 100 000€ agency fees are 3 000€ + VAT.

Conclusion: Stated costs represent approximately 9% of the transaction amount.

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